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Company News
Congratulations on Wuhan HT Optical and Information Technology Co,Ltd Establishing

  In 2001,Wuhan HT Optical and Electronic Co.,LTD was born in the beautiful East lake-Wuhan•China Optical Valley.During 30 years’ development,HT co.,TD has become a large comprehensive enterprise which own the area of 30 acre R&D base、thousands of importing optical equipment and test instruments、more than 1500 workers ,reach a capacity of manufacturing lens 6 million pcs/month, camera lens Assembly 400000sets/month.we have become a largest and leading precision optical component manufacturer in the optical industry.



In 2014,Wuhan HT Optical and Electronic Co.,LTD has established a fully-owned subsidiary------Wuhan HT optical and information technology Co.,Ltd,which makes us to believe the development of HT Co.,LTD will forward a new step.The establishment of new company mean the target of “Building First-class optical enterprise, Creating centenary brand” will be more close.

  Facing up with the new technology time、new marker environment、new policy ,Wuhan HT Optical and Electronic Co.,LTD has decided to establish its subsidiary-Wuhan HT Optical and Information Technology Co,Ltd establishing.Depending on the parent company’s top R&D team and strong manufacturing capacity,HT Optical and Information Technology Co,Ltd will develop new products to meet the current consume demand.

  It is reported that this new product will extend the advantage of parent company’s traditional optical manufacturing technology.The exact information are still in the stage of confidentiality now,we will announce the details to social after everything has been completed. At the same time ,the new company is absorbing the different talents which covers the market talents、management talents.we are aimed to build a strong sales team.Welcome any talents to join HT team.